Our Team

How We Got Started

The Gratitude Girls was started by a team of women in one family. You can read our stories here. Our desire is to share strength and confidence in order to help others design a life full of happiness and fulfillment.

With generations of experience and life times of wisdom we join forces to share our message. The message of hope and happiness. Our goal is to build tribes of women who move forward and design their lives on a foundation of happiness.

Today’s lives are filled with many distractions and endless obligations. Our attention is is given to families, friends, careers, and responsibilities are grandmothers never knew.

Increasing happiness through gratitude is the one path to increased fulfillment. Science supports this. People have proven it. It is clear, gratitude is the foundation of all other positive emotions.

This is why we are on a mission to help other women journey towards greater happiness by embarking on a journey of increased awareness of positivity, appreciation, and recognition of all that is good in life as it is.

The time has come to Cut through the chaos of daily living and harness our happiness in order to Move from high stress living to the rewarding life filled with joy.

By developing your gratitude intelligence you have the power to design the life you’ve always desired. So join forces with us and we will help you createGreater fulfillment and reward in your life today so you can reach your potential tomorrow.