Our Mission

TheGratitudeGirls.com has a mission. We strive to empower women. Our goal is help you design life of fulfillment by creating greater balance in your life though gratitude. Gratitude has the power to shift perspective and reframe your current conditions and guide you more happiness, deeper relationships, more peace in your life.

Here is what we want you to gain from our resources and posts.


  • Provide women with resource to strengthen their self-esteem, contribution and influence to clarify purpose and meaning in everyday living.
  • Help women regain control over their minds and bodies and improve their overall health
  • Guide women to a deeper understanding of relationship and master their emotions and their attention to be more productive and more satisfied.

Please comeback soon and be on the look out for more blog posts and videos to help you nurture your mind & body, heart & soul, and home & life.