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If you need to take back your power and create a life of fulfillment and happiness, this is the website is for you!!! Com back often because I’ll be posting weekly, helping you lose weight, improve your health, and live a more fulfilling life using the Keto Diet as a guide for self improvement and gratitude awareness develop,emt to positive impact mindset.

Today is the launch of our sister YouTube channel, Keto Gratitude.

You can read my about My Journey to Health Here

Before the Keto Diet, I was a hot mess. Chronic pain and hormone imbalance created chaos in my mind, body, and ultimately my entire life.

I want to join you on your journey to wellness! Connect with me and I will help you any way I can.


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Let Me Introduce Myself…
 is the sister site to Keto Gratitude.


My YouTube Channel, Keto Gratitude, is about everything Keto. My Website, The Gratitude Girls is where my thoughts about life and living the good life are living. You’ll find information about health and happiness!

We believe every women deserves to be living a life of fulfillment while working towards life goals with confidence! Self love is the bridge between health and happiness. Our goal is to help you create the life and body of your dreams

The website was started because I am blessed to be a part of an amazing groups of women. We decided to join forces and share the wisdom we’ve gathered in life.

Transitioning Online

Our contributors are made up of four women spanning three generations. Collectively we have lived 149 years or life experiences. We have had many challenges in life, but together we find blessing each and every day!

Challenging Our Gratefulness

The natural state of gratitude and blessing awareness was tested immediately following our decision to launch a new website. Just a few weeks after we declared our new beginning together, our family was faced with a tragedy.

My daughter’s boy friend was in a severe motorcycle accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury. It’s ironic. Here we were ready to share with the world all that is good in life and the most important person to me on this big blue ball has had significant shift in the momentum in her life and the life of her boyfriend.

In Honor of Matt

We consider her boyfriend, Matt, a  part of the family. He’s already been classified as a son-in-law even though they are not yet engaged. His hospitalization and rehabilitation was the reason we experienced a delay to launch The Gratitude Girls as well as Keto Gratitude.

I actually wondered if we should move forward with it at all. But, after digging deep into my faith and reflecting on all that is good in this world, i decided to move forward. It only made sense,

My daughter’s story, her boyfriend’s story, will be posted on the website soon, I’m sure. But let me tell you, in spite of all the tragedy that came with the accident, she still moves through the world with the most grateful heart!

My daughter is a great gratitude role model!

Because of the great courage shown my Matt and Jessica, this website and all that becomes of it is dedicated to the two of them. They have taught more about faith, hope and love in the past the month than I could have learned in a lifetime. They are true heroes of the heart.

In the Face of Challenge, Blessings

This just proves that even though life often ‘gets in the way’ as they say, we need to realize that even negative experience are part of life. They are the way we learn and grow. God don’t give ya’ more than you can handle!

Can I get an ‘Amen’?

The video is just a brief intro to me and why I decided to create this little online hub in the first place. My Brain is my toy box, and it’s so full, I need a place to deposit my thoughts. I want to help you create and maintain gratitude in your life each day. and Keto Gratitude are my think tanks, classrooms, and stages where I will be sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world. If I can help raise up one person a day, my heart will be full!

Again, Welome to TheGratitudeGirls!

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