Keto Quick Start Guide

Keto Quick Start Guide

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you’re struggling with belly fat and haunting fatigue, then this quick start guide to weight loss may be your greatest find this year!!! This simple guide is what helped me lose 15 pounds and shrink 5 inches off my waist in less than 7 weeks.

Here’s a simple way to get results. This resources contains action steps. Simple dos and don’ts. The reason I’ve condensed it is because people asked. My advice is to just get started and learn along the way.

Here’s my disclaimer. I am not a medical professional. I am not a doctor. This information is medical advice. It is an example of what I have done in my personal experience. Pay attention to your body and do further research to support changes you make.

Take in the information below and  put it into action. You have nothing to lose but pounds and inches!

The Gratitude Girls Guide to Weight Loss


The purpose of this diet is to help your body shift its fuel source from burning sugar to burning fat. This takes time to retrain your internal systems. So be patient. To start consider these tips:

  1. No refined sugar. At. All.
  2. No bad carbs. Stay away from packaged, processed foods.
  3. Increase the amount of good fat. Avocado oil, MCT oil, grass fed butter, heavy whipping cream.
  4. Eat moderate amounts of protein. Select high quality protein.
  5. Eat 3-5 cups of leafy greens each day and be sure to include cruciferous veggies like cabbages and cauliflower.
  6. Move more today than you did yesterday. Include a variety of movement each week. Stretching and deep breathing are highly beneficial.
  7. Get sleep. You need it to heal from the inside out. Nap when you can if you can. It’s not a sign of weakness, that’s being aware and giving your body what it needs.
  8. Consider intermittent fasting to help you get into ketosis when you’re ready.

Keep in mind the Keto Diet is not a high protein diet. It’s low carb ( leafy greens don’t count because they contain a boatload of minerals your body need to maintain balance. It’s high fat moderate protein, and high nutrient veggies.

In the meantime go through your cabinets and donate or get ride of crap foods with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, flour, wheat, and preservatives etc. this helps keep temptation out of sight.