5 Tips to Live a Happier Today, Every Day

5 tips to more happiness

Living life with a a peaceful heart can be a challenge. We’re all caught up in daily chaos. Some of us experience tragedy. Others battle depression, while others are lonely and isolated.

Today’s post is about finding joy in our day in spite of the challenges you may face.  When you’re able to find a glimmer of appreciation for for even the littlest things, you can increase you level of happiness.

Here are a few things you can do every day to find greater joy in your day.

Tip #1 | Take time to listen to the silence

From the moment we wake up we’re inundated by input and outputs. Your alarm wakes you up. You turn on the TV for news. You check your phone for the latest up dates. You even respond to text messages and emails all before 7 a.m.  What if you started out your day with a few moments without stimulation from the outside?


Instead, take a moment to listen to the stillness your mind offers before it gets revved up for the day.  Wake up 15 minutes earlier. Find a quiet space and be with yourself. Some may call this meditation. Others call it prayer. But the ultimate goal is to be in the moment for just those few moments at the start of your day. Give it a try. A little alone time can be a powerful way to charge your battery before the day begins.

Tip #2 | Spend time with the sun

We have vilified the sun. It causes cancer we’re told. You use sunscreen to block out those damaging UV rays. What we can’t forget is that the sun has the power to heal. In just 10 minutes a day, the sun offers you your daily dosage of vitamin D, an important vitamin that impacts body systems and basic nutritional and normal functions. As of this post, the majority of our population in the United Staes is vitamin D deficient.

5 Way to Be Happier Every Day Get Sun

This deficiency leads to more illness, greater depression, and an increase in chronic fatigue. You’ll actually improve your health while the sun does all the work. Carve out a few minutes during your lunch or after work to relax in the sun without guilt. Don’t worry about being judge as lazy. Your passive relaxation is purposeful. Get your sunglasses on and send some time in the sun each day.

Tip #3 | Make time for intentional breathing

You blink without thinking. Your heart beats without directive from you. You breath with out conscious thought. But breathing is an underutilized natural resource that can reduce stress and increase energy. When you practice deep breathing you get rid of toxins and charge up your body at the cellular level. With deep breathing you transport oxygen more efficiently though your body. Add a little stretching it and you compound the benefits by moving your lymphatic system.

5 ways to increase your happiness breath

The great news is you can practice intentional breathing any time or place throughout your day. Feeling stressed at work? Sit still for a moment at your desk and inhale slowly. Hold your breath for a few seconds, and release your breath slowly and completely using your diaphragm. You can do this in a meeting, on the train, or even in your car. No one needs to know when you’re breathing to destress. It’s your little stress relieving, energy boosting secret throughout the day.

Tip #4 | Save time for a hot bath

There is nothing like a hot bath to enjoy some alone time during your day. Add a cup of epsom salt to your hot bath you have a natural treatment that helps you detox and recover from what ails you. Empsom salt has the power to reduce headaches, muscle pain, and swollen joints. Make sure to enjoy your soak for at least 20 minutes to get optimal results.

5 ways to increase happiness bath

Of course, you can make it a full on pampering sensation and light candles, use essential oils, and play your favorite Spotify station. Once you’ve soaked, it’s a perfect time to exfoliate, too. Give yourself a half hour and you’ll be amazed at healing power of a simple salt bath!

Tip #5 | Give time to someone in need

You don’t need money to give. Sometimes helping by way of interaction can be life changing for both the giver and the receiver. When you give you increase the happiness hormone, dopamine. Even watching someone do something nice for another person benefits you. Crazy, but true, kindness is contagious.

5 ways to lie happier help others

It’s also been proven that others are more likely to pay it forward and give to someone else more freely after someone has done something for them. Giving decreases sadness and depression. This is because when you give, you add to your feeling of purpose throughout the day. So, when you do something kind for someone else, you’re also helping yourself. I’d say making time to do something thoughtful for someone else is a win-win situation that has too many benefits to be ignored.

The road to happiness isn’t always about changing your situation. Sometimes you just need a shift in perspective.

How do you add to your level of joy each day? Do you have rituals to help you destress? We’d love to hear how you improve your life each day!



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