5 Reasons Why Low Carb Diets Work

5 reasons why low carb diets work

5 Reason Why Low Carb Diet Work

Low carb diets are all the rage right now. There are some delicious recipes that pop up on my Facebook feed every day. Instagram is loaded with food porn of low carb recipes.  These are worth trying even if you don’t follow this style of eating.

But, have you ever considered becoming a low carb gal? If you have extra weight around your waist, or if you have that stubborn belly fat that has been your good friend for the last decade, I’m here to tell you you can make a change shifting your way of eating to limiting processed foods and sugars.

If you do, you’ll have more energy and reduce joint pain and a slimmer waist.

It worked for me! 18 Pounds down an 5.5 inches shaved off my waist.

Reason #1 - Releases Fat for Fuel

Increased insulin causes you to store fuel as fat. Low carb diet help you burn fat because with less carbs, your body is reprogramed to use your own fat as fuel. Insulin resistance is a serious problem in our nation. In fact, it’s an epidemic.

The obese population with type 2 diabetes suffers from elevated levels of insulin. This means their body stores fat. Low carb diets help you body shift your fuel source and help you burn your own fat.

Reason #2 - Increases Protein Intake

f you’re eating less high carb foods, aka – junk food you need to get calories else where. Protein is the answer. It help you maintain and even build muscle while losing fat.

The more muscle you have, the better your body is at using nutrients and calories as fuel.

Reason #3 - Reduces Sugar Intake

High carb food like potato chips, crackers, dry cereal, bread, noodles are turn into sugar after they’re eaten. If you eat the Standards American Diet (SAD)

you’re eating enough carbs to spike insulin as a result of sugar all day long. If you stop eating these foods, your sugar intake plummets.

Reason #4 - Nutrient to Calorie Intake is Rebalanced

When you each low carb you’re eating more veggies, healthy fats, and protein. This means you’ll be getting more minerals and nutrients if you’re choosing to stay away from potatoes, quinoa, rice, and other high carb side dishes. The volume of those foods provide much less nutrients than veggies in the same volume. This is a good thing.

Reason #5 - Simple Steps Create Results

It’s easy to identify which foods not to eat on a low carb diet. Stop eating doughnuts, cookies, cake, and soda. Avoid bread and pasta, potatoes, too. These food aren’t hard to recognize.

Replace these foods with whole foods like broccoli slathered in butter, or Brussel sprout made with bacon. Many people see results by simply cutting out soda and desserts for starters. You don’t need a guru to get you started eating low carb.

The Greatest Benefit of Low Carb Diets...
They Work FAST!!!

Believe me, I changed by body in less than two months eating low carb. At first you’ll lose water weight. This means inflammation is reducing, making way for fat loss.

Restricting carbs to get into ketosis, the process of burning fat for fuel rather than sugar, causes the belly fat to shrink more quickly than you can imagine.

This is all I wanted to share today. If you’re not low carb, I want to invite you to consider it. Have you had success eating low carb? if you have please leave a comment below. I’d love to inspire other others with your experience!

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